Friday Group Seminar Schedule

All Seminars start at 3:00 PM on Friday in MDAB 305 unless otherwise noted.

Spring 2014
January 3 No Meeting
January 8 Dr. Jonathan Moussa
Sandia National Laboratories
1:00 PM
January 10 Roman Schutsky
January 13 Dr. Matthias Degroote
Ghent University
1:00 PM
January 17 Jacob Wahlen-Strothman
January 24 Dr. Tamar Stein
January 29 Professor Troy van Voorhis
"Molecular Excited States: TD or not TD?"
2:00 PM
January 31 Yiheng Qiu
February 7 Dr. Carlos Jiménez-Hoyos
February 12 Vamsee Voora
"Modeling Image-like Anion States of Buckyballs"
February 14 Dr. Thomas Henderson
February 21 Ireneusz Bulik
February 24 Professor Matthew Foulkes
Imperial College London
12:00 PM
February 28 Alejandro Garza Gonzalez
March 3 Paul Johnson
McMaster University
12:00 PM
March 7 No Meeting
March 14 Professor Gernot Frenking
Marburg University
"Molecules with unusual bonds"
March 21 Jin-Mo Zhao
March 28 Dr. James Shepherd
April 4 No Meeting
April 11 Dr. Rayner Rodriguez-Guzman
April 18 Jacob Wahlen-Strothman
April 25 No Meeting
May 2 Buddy Brown
May 9 Kailynn Balkum
Summer 2014
May 16 Roman Schutsky
May 22 Dr. George Booth
Cambridge University, UK
May 30 No Meeting
June 6 No Meeting
June 13 Dr. Tamar Stein
June 20 No Meeting
June 27 Yiheng Qiu
July 4 No Meeting
July 11 Dr. Carlos Jiménez-Hoyos
July 18 Dr. Thomas Henderson
July 25 Ireneusz Bulik
August 1 Alejandro Garza Gonzalez
August 8 Dr. Carlos Jiménez-Hoyos
August 15 No Meeting
Fall 2014
August 22 No Meeting
August 29 Jin-Mo Zhao
September 5 No Meeting
September 12 Jacob Wahlen-Strothman
September 19 Dr. James Shepherd
September 26 No Meeting
October 3 Alejandro Garza Gonzalez
October 10 Professor Gustavo Scuseria
October 17 Dr. Carlos Jiménez-Hoyos
October 24 Yiheng Qiu
October 31 No Meeting
November 3 Dr. Lucas K Wagner
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
"Simulating correlations in strongly correlated materials using Monte Carlo"
3:00 PM
November 7 Dr. Thomas Henderson
November 14 Ireneusz Bulik
November 21 Duminda Ranasinghe
Wesleyan University
November 28 No Meeting
December 5 No Meeting
December 12 Roman Schutsky
December 17 Dr. Rahul Maitra
Princeton University
"Methods for Accurate Description of Correlation Effects in Many-Electron Systems"
December 19 Alejandro Garza Gonzalez
December 26 No Meeting