Rice Specific Gaussian Notes

by Cristian V. Diaconu

This works on our desktops as well as on the RCSG machines (SUG@R, STIC, etc).

Gaussian directory:
This is resolved to the appropriate architecture and operating system on each machine.
How to setup Gaussian environment
source $GAUHOME/GAU-VER/setenv.csh

NOTE: for sh-like shells do . $GAUHOME/GAU-VER/setenv.sh.
Please let me know if the .sh variant is missing for your favorite Gaussian version.

HOWEVER: you need to use tcsh to compile.

How to run Gaussian on our RHEL5 desktops
Option 1:
source $GAUHOME/GAU-VER/setenv.csh
Option 2:
using rungj included in my utility package: /projects/guscus/cvd1/util.VERSION.tar.bz2 (see rungj -h for usage).
How run Gaussian on RCSG clusters
How to Compile Gaussian
source $GAUHOME/GAU-VER/setenv.csh
How to run GaussView
If this does not work, then add the option --soft.

NOTE: If the fonts are huge and ugly add the following to your ~/.qt/qtrc under [General]
(or create the file and add a line containing [General]):


or copy mine ~cvd1/.qt/qtrc.

This page was last updated on February 23, 2011 by Cristian V. Diaconu