Ionut D. Prodan

Research interests:

Electronic structure calculations for extended systems (transition- and f-element oxides).

Laser-assisted ultracold collisions: growth and collapse of a BEC with attractive interactions, coherent photoassociation of a quantum degenerate gas of lithium atoms.

Spectroscopic studies of NaK excited states, using two-photon cascade techniques.

Time-of-flight studies of dissociative processes induced by synchrotron radiation in homogeneous molecular clusters.




Covalency in the actinide dioxides: Systematic study of the electronic properties using screened hybrid density functional theory, I. D. Prodan, G. E. Scuseria, and R. L. Martin, Phys. Rev. B 76, 033101 (2007).


Mott Transition of MnO under Pressure: Comparison of Correlated Band Theories, D. Kasinathan, J. Kunes, K. Koepernik, C. V. Diaconu, R. L. Martin, I. D. Prodan, G. E. Scuseria, Nicola Spaldin, L. Petit, T.C. Schulthess, and W. E. Pickett, Phys. Rev. B 74, 195110 (2006).


A comparison of hybrid density functional theory with photoemission of surface oxides of δ-plutonium, M. T. Butterfield, T. Durakiewicz, J. J. Joyce, I. D. Prodan, G. E. Scuseria, E. Guziewicz, J. A. Sordo, K. N. Kudin, R. L. Martin, A. J. Arko, K. S. Graham, D. P. Moore and L. A. Morales, Surface Science 600, 1637 (2006).


Assessment of metageneralized gradient approximation and screened Coulomb hybrid density functionals on bulk actinide oxides, I. D. Prodan, G. E. Scuseria, and R. L. Martin, Phys. Rev. B 73, 045104 (2006).


Lattice defects and magnetic ordering in plutonium oxides: a hybrid density-functional-theory study of strongly correlated materials, I. D. Prodan, G. E. Scuseria, J. A. Sordo, K. N. Kudin and R. L. Martin, J. Chem. Phys. 123, 014703 (2005).


Intensity dependence of photoassociation in a quantum degenerate atomic gas”, I. D. Prodan, M. Pichler, M. Junker, R. G. Hulet and J. L. Bohn, Phys. Rev. Lett. 91, 080402 (2003).


Direct observation of growth and collapse of a Bose-Einstein condensate with attractive interactions”, J. M. Gerton, D. Strekalov, I. Prodan and R. G. Hulet, Nature 408, 692 (2000).


Experimental studies of the NaK 13D state”, J. Huennekens, I. Prodan, A. Marks, L. Sibbach, E. Galle, T. Morgus and Li Li, J. Chem. Phys. 113, 7384 (2000).


Experimental study of the NaK 31P state”, E. Laub, I. Masza, S. C. Webb, J. La Civita, I. Prodan, Z. J. Jabbour, R. K. Namiotka and J. Huennekens, J. Mol. Spectrosc. 193, 376 (1999).


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